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I highly recommend giving them a call, they will not disappoint.

This is my first time having been represented by a lawyer, I called quite a few companies to compare. For starters, communication is key. I ask a thousand questions per min. They were patient & very descriptive in detail to make sure there was no confusion. I could message them at any given hour and there was someone there to help. There is a confidential app that protects the information shared between my lawyer & l. Very useful. Pam initially was so pleasant on the phone with me and was sure to answer all of my questions and if she didn’t have an answer she was sure to find one. They allowed me to come in and simply do a meet and greet. The atmosphere of the office is serene; I felt welcomed to be there. I love that there is always someone there to assist. I was so stressed about not making a payment on time.They assured me there was nothing to worry about and even came up with a payment plan that was suitable for me. Today Brandon Fellers represented me and I was all smiles walking in & out the courtroom knowing that my life was safe in their hands. The level of assurance and confidence the team brings should be held on a high pedestal. Worth every minute & penny. Spirits and hearts of a lion truly lie within this firm. Thank you. Such a wonderful team you guys do have.

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