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About Our Firm

Invictus Law’s principal attorney, Eric Leckie, founded the firm with many of the core values he learned while serving our country in the United States Marine Corps.

It is his leadership and experience that sets our firm apart from the others. We are trained to be focused, precise, strategic, mission-oriented, and relentless in our fight to protect our client’s rights.

Our mission objective is to obtain the best possible outcome for every one of our clients.

Learn more about how this attitude helps our clients when you call our Virginia Beach office at 757-337-2500.

Accomplishing the Mission

The cornerstone of every mission plan begins with a precise understanding of a commanders’ intent and objective. This mindset is applied to our civilian legal practice. We execute our clients’ intent and in every case we strive to accomplish the mission, whatever it may be.

We accomplish our mission by consistently focusing on the 6 step process of:


Identifying the problem


Analyzing the facts of the case


Applying the law to the facts


Educating the client on our legal analysis


Advising and presenting the benefits and risks of possible solutions


Executing the clients desired objective in court


Protecting, Educating & Championing Our Clients

Our role is varied depending on the case and the client. Every situation is unique and requires a different approach.

Once we have precisely identified our client’s legal problem, we focus on gathering and analyzing the evidence in the case. We then educate the client on the law as it applies to their specific facts and legal problem and present several strategic courses of actions for our clients to consider.

Each course of action is briefed to our clients with recommendations based upon a risk/reward assessment. Armed with this knowledge, our clients select the mission objective and we execute the plan, setting the conditions for success in the courtroom.

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