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We Understand That Family is Everything

At Invictus Law, our experienced and compassionate family law legal team is prepared to help you through any of the legal challenges you may be facing, such as:

Guardian Ad Litem

Invictus Law can provide your family with guardian ad litem services when your family faces child custody disputes, including litigation over child custody arrangements or litigation involving termination of parental rights. As a guardian ad litem, our attorneys can advocate for your child’s best interests in any custody matter.

Child Support

Let our attorneys work to ensure that your family receives a fair and reasonable child support order. Our firm can help you collect and review financial information from you and your child’s other parent and walk you through Virginia’s child support guidelines to help you understand what a child support arrangement may look like for your family.

We can also help you seek a modification of an existing child support order if your and your family’s financial circumstances or custody arrangement changes. If you are having trouble getting your child’s other parent to pay the child support they owe, let our aggressive legal team get the financial support your child deserves.


A divorce can prove to be a traumatic experience for any person, even when a couple has mutually come to the decision to end their marriage. Our legal team will work hard to make the divorce process as smooth as possible for you while fighting to ensure that you get the outcome you need and deserve in your case.

Our attorneys can help you negotiate a separation agreement to resolve the issues in your divorce or enforce an existing prenuptial or postnuptial agreement between you and your spouse. If your divorce ends up going to trial, our experienced divorce attorneys can vigorously advocate on your behalf in court.

Spousal Support

Following a separation or divorce, one spouse may be put at a financial disadvantage, especially when that spouse primarily stayed home to care for children and the household or if that spouse earns significantly less income than the other spouse.

For these situations, spousal support or alimony may be used to ensure that a separated or divorced couple continues to have similar standards of living as they begin to move on with their separate lives.

Our firm can help you seek the issuance of a spousal support or alimony order in your separation or divorce. We can also apply for modification of existing support orders when your or your ex’s financial and/or personal circumstances change.


When parents separate, it can be critical to their children’s well-being to have both parents continue to play significant roles in their lives. At Invictus Law, we can help you ensure that you get the visitation time you need to build and maintain a strong, loving relationship with your children.

We can also help you enforce existing visitation orders if your child’s other parent fails to abide by the order. Our experienced legal team can also help if you need to seek a modification of a visitation order due to changed circumstances or, if necessary, for your child’s safety.

Child Custody

The knowledgeable family law attorneys of Invictus Law can help guide you through the complex and emotionally charged process of resolving child custody when you and your child’s other parent separate. We can advocate on your behalf for a custody arrangement that meets your needs and serves your child’s best interests. We also recognize that families grow and change over time, so we can also help when you need to petition for a modification of your family’s current custody arrangement.

We Understand That Family is Everything

Tough Lawyers for Tough Divorce and Custody Cases

Our tough, smart, and experienced Family and Divorce Lawyers are ready to take on the most difficult and demanding cases for our clients. We have years of experience in contested divorce litigation, child custody matters, spousal & child support cases, as well as adoption. Recognizing that each case is unique, and every person has different goals, we deliver personalized attention and maintain open and timely communication to ensure we focus on what matters most to you and your family.

Our family law practice areas include:


Our Number One Core Value – Kicking Ass

When you work with our family law attorneys and divorce lawyers, you are working with a team that fully believes “Kicking Ass” is a core value. We aspire to kick ass in every case and exceed our clients expections wherever possible. Many attorneys and law firms are caught in an egotistical love affair with themselves. We are different. We love our clients. We exist for one reason – to effectively, efficiently, and aggressively defend our clients.

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