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Virginia Beach Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Virginia Beach is a walkable city, full of locals and visitors strolling the boardwalk and vibrant town center. Pedestrians (including people on rollerblades, skateboards, or manual scooters) lack the protection of a vehicle occupant, so when the two collide, the pedestrian ends up with much more serious, often life-threatening, injuries.

In fact, pedestrian accidents in Virginia are on the rise. From 2020 to 2021, there was a 12.6% increase in pedestrian accidents, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. These collisions resulted in 125 pedestrian fatalities and 1,325 injuries.

If you were struck by a car while walking in Virginia Beach, contact a skilled pedestrian accident attorney from Invictus Law today. We’re ready to fight for your right to compensation from the person who hit you.

Pedestrian Traffic Laws in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has specific laws requiring drivers to fully stop if a pedestrian is anywhere in a crosswalk, not simply yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk, as per Virginia § 46.2-924. However, just because a crosswalk is present doesn’t mean that a pedestrian can immediately enter it to cross the street. If the crosswalk is at a guided intersection with stop signs or traffic lights, the pedestrians must follow the lights and walk/ don’t walk signs to the general rules of right-of-way.

If a driver strikes a pedestrian in a crosswalk, they’re often liable for the pedestrian’s injuries and losses. However, a driver who hits a pedestrian outside a crosswalk could still be liable for striking them, even if the pedestrian was illegally crossing the street. Determining liability in these cases can become complicated, which is why it’s important to work with an experienced attorney after a crash.

Establishing Liability in a Virginia Beach Pedestrian Accident

Proving liability, or fault, in a pedestrian-vehicle accident is the first step in a personal injury claim. The liable party is responsible for the injuries and financial losses of the injured party. Even though many people assume that the driver is always liable in an auto-pedestrian accident, there may be some situations in which liability is a little more vague.

Possible at-fault parties in your pedestrian accident can include:

  • Passenger vehicle drivers, who are responsible for safely operating the vehicle and obeying Virginia traffic laws
  • Commercial drivers, who can cause serious damage due to the sheer size of the vehicle they operate
  • The commercial trucker carrier, particularly if it did not properly vet or train their driver
  • Other road users, such as cyclists who don’t stop for pedestrians
  • The City of Virginia Beach or another municipality responsible for ensuring that traffic lights are working properly
  • A restaurant or bar that overserves patrons, increasing the chances of a drunk driver hitting a pedestrian

This isn’t a complete of possible parties contributing to your pedestrian accident. Your Virginia Beach pedestrian accident lawyer’s investigation into the cause of your accident may uncover multiple defendants.

Compensation for Virginia Beach Pedestrian Accident Injuries

The purpose of a pedestrian accident suit is to give you the financial means to return you to the state you were in before the accident. So, you are entitled to seek full and fair compensation from the party who caused the accident for economic and non-economic losses.

Economic damages consist of the fixed, identifiable costs you incurred because of the accident and your injuries and can include:

  • Medical care. You may need surgery, a hospital stay, or physical and occupational therapy to recover. This also includes medication.
  • Long-term care costs. If your injuries are severe, you may need in-home health care or accommodations in a nursing home.
  • Disability modifications. You may be temporarily or permanently disabled and require modifications to your house or vehicle.
  • Lost wages. If you miss work or use sick leave because you’re healing, you can claim recovery of all unearned wages.
  • Loss of earning potential. If you can no longer work or can only work part-time, you could pursue the difference between what you earn now and what you could have earned if not for the accident.

Not all losses are economic in nature, though, and you may also be entitled to compensation for things that don’t have a specific dollar value attached to them. Non-economic damages can compensate you for your:

  • Emotional trauma. Many people develop PTSD, anxiety, or a phobia after being hit by a car.
  • Pain and suffering. Your injuries hurt,and your recovery can be long and painful.
  • Diminished quality of life. You may not be able to enjoy the same activities you once did, and you should be compensated accordingly.
  • Damaged relationships. You may not be able to care for your family as you once did, or your relationship with your partner may be impacted by the accident.

How a Virginia Beach Pedestrian Collision Attorney Can Help with Your Case

The aftermath of a collision with a motor vehicle is confusing, stressful, and painful, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Invictus Law is here to help.

If you select us as your Virginia Beach pedestrian accident lawyers, we will represent your interests and yours alone – not an insurance company’s and not others involved in the case. We act on your behalf when filing legal documents and your lawsuit, respond to communications from the defendant’s lawyer and insurance company so you don’t have to, and negotiate a fair settlement with the driver’s insurance company.

We are also prepared to represent you in court if the driver’s insurance company won’t agree to a fair offer or disputes the facts of the case. While most cases settle long before they reach the courtroom, we won’t hesitate to take the defendant to trial if it’s the best way to pursue the full amount you’re owed.

Free Legal Consultation with a Virginia Beach Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Hit by a motor vehicle in Virginia Beach? Then call Invictus Law or fill out our online consultation form. We offer free initial consultations, so discussing your options with a Virginia Beach pedestrian accident lawyer won’t cost you a thing.

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