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Keep your clearance and continue to build your career.

For active duty service members, reservists, government employees, and contractors that work for the Department of Defense, an adjudicated security clearance is the shared common denominator that will determine your eligibility to continue to work and build a successful career. Let our skilled security clearance attorneys take the lead to ensure this is done right from the start.

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Keep your security clearance and continue to build your career.

Protect your clearance once you receive it.

At Invictus Law, our staff and attorneys are experienced security law advisors and litigators. We have a proven track record of extraordinary results in some of the toughest cases. Our team is standing by to assist you with the initial SF-86 investigation process, to provide expert advice on security clearance maintenance, and to fight for your security clearance should the government try to take it away. We are ready to defend your right to access classified information and restore your peace of mind. If your clearance is ever compromised, you must understand the process to defend your clearance and how to fight to keep it.

Our experienced team of security law advisors and litigators can help you with:

Security Clearance Law

Tough Attorneys for Tough Cases

Defending your security clearance against the United States government can be one of the most difficult and stressful experiences of your life. Our seasoned Security Clearance Law Attorneys are ready and able to take on the toughest cases. As former military officers, we understand the importance of your security clearance to your career and your livelihood.

Insights about Security Clearance Law

Security Clearance

What Can I Do if My Security Clearance Is Denied? 


Applying for security clearance can seem overwhelming. The federal government will analyze every aspect of your life, whether you apply for secret, top-secret, or confidential security clearance. A range of…

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gavel on desk
Security Clearance

Why Most DOHA Appeals End in Denial — And How You Can Improve Your Chances for Approval


Certain active-duty service personnel, government employees, contractors, and reservists are required to have a security clearance. This must be attained and maintained to work and build a successful career with…

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Marijuana and security clearance
Security Clearance

Marijuana and Your Security Clearance


Using marijuana has traditionally barred individuals from receiving a security clearance. However, this is increasingly complicated because recreational use of marijuana is currently legal in 18 states and the District…

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