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Special Court-Martial

When you are in the military, the standards of what are expected from you are significantly higher than that of a civilian. Not only must you follow the law, you are expected to uphold yourself as an exemplary individual. This is why an arrest for any type of serious offense could bring strict consequences as the result of a special court-martial.

If you are facing a summons for any of the following, contact Invictus Law:

How Can a Court-Martial Attorney Make a Difference?

We understand the amount of anxiety and stress you are likely going through when you are facing a special court-martial. Regardless of the exact situation you are in, our Virginia Beach military law attorney is here to aggressively and effectively represent you.

We know exactly how much is at stake and we are committed to protecting your well-being, your career, and your rights.

We Can Defend You Against Your Charges

Our team of military lawyers at Invictus has over 25 years combined experience and is aware of the complexities involved in a special court-martial.

Our firm brings extensive knowledge and resources to use to your advantage.

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