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Virginia Beach Car Accident Injury Lawyers

Have you been hurt in a car accident in Virginia Beach? Are you worried about mounting medical bills or when you can get back to work? If someone else was to blame, they could owe you money for the harm they caused you – and the car accident attorneys at Invictus Law can help you demand it.

As former JAG attorneys, we know what it takes to win a fight, and we’re ready to put our considerable resources, manpower, and experience to work for you. Want to learn more about your rights and the process for pursuing a settlement to cover your medical care, lost wages from work, and pain and suffering after the wreck? Then contact us today for a free consultation with a Virginia Beach car accident lawyer.

Car Accident Causes in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is the state’s largest city and one of its most popular tourist destinations, so its city streets and highways have unique hazards because of the sheer volume of people on the road. Some of the most common causes of a car collision are:

  • Distracted driving, like texting, checking GPS, or simply wool-gathering
  • Drunk driving/driving under the influence of drugs
  • Speeding and aggressive driving, including “road rage”

Regardless of the underlying cause of the crash, if someone else is to blame, a skilled Virginia Beach car accident lawyer can help you seek justice and compensation for your losses.

Steps To Take Following a Virginia Beach Car Accident

The moments immediately after a collision are painful and chaotic. You’re hurt, you’re worried about your passengers, and you may struggle to think clearly. Calling 911 means you get prompt medical attention and a law enforcement officer on the scene to help collect evidence from the crash and draft an official police report of the wreck.

The days that follow a wreck can be just as critical to your future. There are several critical steps to take, especially if you’re thinking of hiring a Virginia Beach car wreck attorney to help with your claim. Consider doing the following:

  • Save all your medical records. Your lawyer uses your medical records to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident and to prove how badly you were hurt. This includes an ambulance ride, a hospital stay, and your doctor’s recommendations for physical therapy or surgery.
  • Keep a pain journal. Car accident victims may seek compensation for the pain and suffering they experience after the wreck. Although you can’t itemize your pain and suffering like a medical bill, you canseek monetary compensation for the detrimental effect painful injuries have on your life and any disability you now have. A pain journal is a good way to document the negative effects the accident have had on your life. Take note of not just the sensation of pain but the way it impacts your ability to do your job, take part in favorite activities, and care for yourself.
  • Don’t talk to the insurance company. The other driver’s insurance provider will probably call fairly soon after the wreck, asking how you’re feeling or requesting a statement. You do nothave to talk to them. In fact, it’s best that you don’t because they are not on your side. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying out large car accident injury claims. Refer any communication from the insurance company to your lawyer.
  • Talk to an experienced Virginia Beach car accident lawyer. At Invictus Law, we areon your side. Our legal team fights aggressively for the rights of car accident victims and seeks the highest possible settlement for their injuries.

Pursuing Compensation After a Virginia Beach Car Accident

The consequences of a Virginia Beach car accident touch every aspect of your life. You may have physically debilitating injuries preventing you from working or caring for your family or suffer significant pain as you recover.

The good news is that you can pursue an insurance claim or lawsuit against the person to blame for your injuries. This allows you to demand compensation for the financial losses you’ve suffered, such as:

  • Medical bills or surgery
  • Physical or occupational therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Property damage

However, not every consequence of a car accident has a dollars-and-cents cost attached to it – yet these consequences can be every bit as real and debilitating as any other. As such, you could also demand compensation for your:

  • Pain and suffering from your injures
  • Scarring and physical disfigurement
  • Emotional trauma
  • Reduced quality of life

A Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyer Increases Your Chances of a Successful Settlement

You aren’t required to have a lawyer file a claim for compensation with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. However, working with a tenacious Virginia Beach car accident attorney from Invictus Law can make the process easier. While you’re focused on rest and recovery, your lawyer handles all legal aspects of your case, like:

  • Investigating the cause of the crash. Your lawyer collects evidence after the wreck to build a case proving the other driver caused it.
  • Determining all sources of compensation. Your attorney knows the complicated ins and outs of car accident cases and how to pursue every avenue for compensation. Depending on the circumstances, this could include money from multiple at-fault parties or “stacked” insurance policies. The latter term refers to uninsured/underinsured motorist policies that provide coverage to all “resident relatives” sharing a household with the policyholder. For example, if you have a UM/UIM insurance policy and your spouse has a separate one, these two could combine to provide more coverage than either would on its own. Without the help of a good lawyer, you might accidentally leave this extra money lying on the negotiating table.
  • Filing a timely car accident lawsuit. In Virginia, you only havetwo years from the date of the accident to file suit for personal injury. Your lawyer can file your paperwork correctly and on time, expediting the process.
  • Negotiating with the other party’s insurance company. Most car accident claims settle out of court in professional negotiations. Your lawyer values your claim and negotiates for full and fair compensation. And the insurance adjusters know that if they try to push you around, they could soon find themselves inside a courtroom.
  • Litigating your case in court. If the other party will not agree to full and fair compensation or disputes the cause of the crash, our attorneys take the case to court, fighting hard to secure a win.

How Can Invictus Law Help You?

At Invictus Law, we have extensive legal experience, including as JAG attorneys and prosecutors. Our firm has the resources necessary to litigate even the most complex car accident claims and the tenacity to handle any fight. We believe in educating our clients about their legal options, providing sound guidance, and identifying the best strategy to secure a positive outcome.

Have you been injured in an accident you didn’t cause? Contact Invictus Law today for a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer in Virginia Beach.

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