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A criminal accusation, no matter what the severity of the alleged crime, can be irreconcilably damaging to your reputation. An arrest can permanently affect your family, friends, work life, ability to get financial or government support, and other vital issues.

When you’ve been accused of a crime, do not hesitate to contact Invictus Law. It is important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible, as anything you say can be used against you later in court.

Criminal defense requires experience and knowledge of both state and federal laws. In order to best protect you, it is important that you know that you have options and you have rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

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hallway of jail with prison bars

We are different from other law firms.

When you retain the criminal defense team at Invictus Law, you are hiring former prosecutors with years of experience on the other side of the court room. We stay one step ahead of the prosecutors because we all know what it was like to be one. Our team is also rich in military experience. We were raised in military families. We have prior service Army and Marine Corps "JAGs" that have practiced law and defended our country all over the globe. We have former fighter pilots, airborne soldiers, and operational law attorneys with years of combat service. This makes us different. This makes us ready for every fight.

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How we get the best result possible in EVERY CASE

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At Invictus Law, our team of criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to living up to our 5 Core Values: Kicking Ass, Fight as a Team, Know your Case, Sense of Urgency, One Percent

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    Criminal Defense

    What is a “refusal” charge and how does it affect my license?

    It is intimidating to find yourself dealing with a police officer who suspects you of driving while intoxicated. But there’s a whole separate set of challenges if, after an arrest, you end up with a refusal charge, too. Virginia is an “implied consent state. That means if you are driving, you’re considered to have consented to submit to timely breath or blood tests after an arrest. Such tests typically would be requested after charges of driving while intoxicated or, for minors, driving after illegally drinking alcohol.

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    When Home isn’t Safe: Domestic Violence During a Pandemic

    Spurred by the threat of a deadly coronavirus outbreak, many Americans — including those in the military community — have sought shelter in the safety of their homes, whether out of caution, necessity or government mandates. But what happens when home isn’t safe?

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