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Divorce Lawyers In Virginia Beach

People often enter into a marriage hoping it will last, but the reality for many is that not every marriage will end in happily ever after. At Invictus Law in Virginia Beach, our divorce attorneys understand that choosing to end your marriage is a difficult step to take. Our team will walk you through the process and help you protect your interests as you dissolve your marriage, so you can start a new chapter in your life. You can rely on our knowledge and experience to achieve your goals.

Getting a Divorce

When spouses unlink their lives, they will have to address several issues throughout the process. Our Virginia Beach family law attorneys can help you navigate these key issues and advise you on the best path to take. Some of the issues involved in a divorce include:

If you and your spouse are on the same page regarding these key issues, you would likely be able to have an uncontested divorce. However, even if you are in agreement, you should still reach out to our team to ensure the terms of your agreement are in your best interests. That said, most spouses are rarely able to agree on everything, so you can also count on our divorce team to handle your contested divorce. No matter how complex the issues are, we will help you secure a settlement that protects your future.

We know that, for most, divorce is probably one of the most difficult legal matters they will ever have to face, especially if they have children or a substantial amount of assets, which is why we are dedicated to providing not only knowledgeable representation, but compassionate legal assistance as well. Our goal is to create unique, personalized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Invictus Law

When you choose to work with Invictus Law, you will receive the assistance of a team that is committed to ensuring each client we serve obtains the best possible outcome for their case.

We will keep you informed throughout the divorce process and advise you on the benefits and risks of the solutions you have available to you.

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