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Administrative Separation Hearings

Regardless of how long you have been in the military, being threatened with an administrative separation hearing can be a threat to your career and your finances. Whether a decision has been made and you have already been separated or you are taking action to protect yourself, a Virginia Beach military lawyer from Invictus Law can assist you. From representation at hearings to fighting for your right to service, it is important that you have a legal advocate on your side to ensure that your rights are protected.

You may face involuntary administrative separation on the following charges:

  • Failing to perform duties properly
  • Failing to meet requirements of physical fitness
  • Misconduct, insubordination, or dereliction
  • Drug abuse or alcohol abuse
  • Criminal violation (military or civilian)

Trusted Military Defense Lawyer in Virginia Beach

Eric Leckie has personal experience in the military as a former Major and USMC JAG Officer. In addition, experience as a former prosecutor has given our firm understanding of the importance of protecting you against serious claims which have led to an investigation or administrative separation hearing. We are prepared to defend your rights as a member of the military and help keep you from losing your position.

Hire reputable representation from Invictus Law. We welcome you to speak with our lawyer about the unique details of your case. Call 757-337-2500 to get started with a complimentary case consultation.

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