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Not-Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder Jury Verdict

In a three-day trial at Portsmouth Circuit Court, our client, a 31-year-old man from Portsmouth, was acquitted of second-degree murder charges related to the February 2020 death of his three-month-old son. The defense, Shemeka Hankins, argued that there was insufficient evidence tying our client to the injuries and criticized the investigation’s thoroughness, citing a lack of follow-up on the 911 call and failure to interview relevant individuals. This ultimately led to Ms. Hankins securing a NOT GUILTY verdict.

I had gotten into a bit of legal trouble and chose Invictus after several consultations.

I could not have been happier with my choice. They were non-judgmental, informed, and professional. Full dismissal!! Call these guys, do what they say and you’ll have your best possible outcome.

Eric Leckie and his team are everything you expect and need from a law firm.

Eric’s professionalism, confidence, and care led the way, and Tina and Alhena did a great job of shouldering all of the important communications and logistics. A well-honed organization. Highly recommended.

I highly recommend giving them a call, they will not disappoint.

This is my first time having been represented by a lawyer, I called quite a few companies to compare. For starters, communication is key. I ask a thousand questions per min. They were patient & very descriptive in detail to make sure there was no confusion. I could message them at any given hour and there was someone there to help. There is a confidential app that protects the information shared between my lawyer & l. Very useful. Pam initially was so pleasant on the phone with me and was sure to answer all of my questions and if she didn’t have an answer she was sure to find one. They allowed me to come in and simply do a meet and greet. The atmosphere of the office is serene; I felt welcomed to be there. I love that there is always someone there to assist. I was so stressed about not making a payment on time.They assured me there was nothing to worry about and even came up with a payment plan that was suitable for me. Today Brandon Fellers represented me and I was all smiles walking in & out the courtroom knowing that my life was safe in their hands. The level of assurance and confidence the team brings should be held on a high pedestal. Worth every minute & penny. Spirits and hearts of a lion truly lie within this firm. Thank you. Such a wonderful team you guys do have.

Bottom line, my case was well represented by Invictus Law and the matter was dismissed!

I called Invictus Law on 6/22/23 for a scheduled court date of 6/27/23. I called early afternoon and had a consultation with Attorney Shemeka Hankins that same day. She was knowledgeable, courteous and very professional. Although it was a short notice, she assured me that Invictus Law could definitely help me and indeed they did. I was flawlessly represented by Attorney Christa Adkins.

I found this law firm off a google search, I saw really good reviews and looked more into their firm.

I soon got in contact with Mr. Brandon Fellers, he listened to my case, did research to help my case from previous cases similar to mine, he was very good with communicating continuously, and helped inform me of the facts about the law regarding my case. In the end, I was deemed not guilty on my charges, and he got the case dismissed with zero fines. He was very helpful, and I appreciate him very much.

Invictus Law was great to work with.

They were very professional, organized, and great with communication. The lawyer for my case was Brandon Fellers, he was knowledgeable, confident, and calming in the courtroom, which was a helpful demeanor to alleviate some of the anxiety I felt dealing with the court system. I was able to get the outcome that I had hoped for. I would definitely recommend them to others in need of a good lawyer.

I had complete confidence in Ms. Hankins and her staff.

They made exchanging information easy, and they were accessible throughout my ordeal. Ultimately, all false allegations and charges were thrown out and dismissed. I will recommend Ms. Hankins and Invictus Law firm to anyone.

The Invictus Law Criminal Defense Team, led by Shemeka Hankins, defended our client’s rights in a jury trial in the Portsmouth Circuit Court.

Client was charged with Aggravated Malicious Wounding and Stabbing in the Commission of a Felony for an incident that happened in January of 2022. After deliberating for less than 30 mins, the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty. We appreciate the citizens of Portsmouth for finding the just result. We are proud our client retains her freedom and will continue to serve our country in the armed forces.


After less than 10 minutes of deliberation, a Norfolk Circuit Court jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on a charge of 2nd Degree Murder in the case of a Norfolk resident youth. Our client, now 18 years of age, was arrested and charged as an adult with a crime occurring nearly a year prior when he was a juvenile. Family and friends gathered in the courtroom as our client stood next to his attorney, Brandon K. Fellers, as the verdict was read. Mr. Fellers, a former Chesapeake prosecutor, was confident that the Jury would agree with his legal analysis and arguments and find the youth NOT GUILTY. During the 2 day jury trial, Mr. Fellers exposed the deficits in the government’s case and surgically cross examined witnesses, ultimately securing the NOT GUILTY verdict.

December 6, 2022

Through his efforts, advice and knowledge we had our family together again.

Eric helped our family member with a minor problem that turned into a nightmare- through his efforts, advice and knowledge we had our family together again. We highly recommend Eric.

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