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Can a Dashboard Camera Help Your Injury Case?

Can A Dashboard Camera Help Your Injury Case?

The success of personal injury cases depends heavily on the available evidence. The recent proliferation of dashboard cameras in Virginia Beach and beyond has greatly increased the possibility of having clear evidence of how and why an automobile accident happened. Understanding what dashboard cameras are and how lawyers and insurance companies use their footage can help you and your attorney build a strong case for compensation against the at-fault driver.

What Is a Dashboard Camera?

Dashboard cameras are small devices that capture digital video footage. Often called dashcams, they are generally installed on the automobile’s dashboard or windshield. As you operate your vehicle, the dashcam records activity on the road in front of you. You can also set it to capture footage whenever the device detects movement in your vehicle’s vicinity. 

Motorcyclists sometimes have a similar device fitted to their helmets, and police officers may have body cams on their person.

Can Dashcam Evidence Support My Car Accident Claim?

Your case might be stronger if a dashcam has recorded footage of the accident that caused your injuries. The recording can assist insurance companies and attorneys in determining who was responsible for the crash. A dashcam may also capture footage of you and other occupants within the vehicle at the moment of the accident. This evidence can demonstrate that you were not distracted or in a state that put you at fault for the crash.

Furthermore, some dashcams have GPS functions, as well as the capacity to capture your vehicle’s speed data. This additional information can provide accurate evidence about your location and your vehicle’s movements.

Dashcams can also be helpful for tracking down witnesses. If the camera has captured video of a witness’s face or license plate information, your attorney can find them and request a statement about the collision.

The Importance of Preserving Footage

If your dashboard camera has captured footage of the accident, your attorney will know best how to preserve the evidence for later use. However, if you are concerned that the video contains any unfavorable evidence, you must not attempt to tamper with any of the footage. Doing so can give the insurance company reason to be suspicious about your claims. Furthermore, selectively deleting footage might expose you to criminal charges. Preserve the footage as it is and hand it over to your lawyer.

When the At-Fault Party Has the Dashcam Footage

You may not have a dashcam, but that doesn’t mean that there is no footage. If you are involved in a collision, ask the other driver right away whether they have a dashboard camera. Alternatively, you can check their dashboard or windshield. If you see one, be sure to include it in any photos you take of the accident scene.

If the at-fault driver has the footage of the accident, they may be reluctant to provide the recording. In such a case, your attorney may need to make a formal request for the footage. They may even need to file a subpoena.

Contact an Experienced Virginia Beach Car Accident Attorney

If you have suffered injuries in an accident in Virginia Beach, the seasoned attorneys at Invictus Law will fight for your rights. Our attorneys can work on your behalf to recover compensation for your losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, and other ongoing costs. We know how to gather evidence, including dashcam footage, and use it to help our clients win their claims.

Call us today at 757-317-5125 or contact us online for a consultation with an experienced member of our legal team to learn more about your legal options. We look forward to getting to work for you.

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