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Co-Parenting: Tips for Your Summer Parenting Plan

Co-Parenting: Tips For Your Summer Parenting Plan

Now that summer is here, parents across the nation are starting to make plans for having their kids at home during the break from school. While summer break is a great time to make memories with your kids, it can pose challenges for those in a co-parenting situation.

Between sports and other activities, the summer months can take a toll on co-parents, especially those living apart. However, with the right planning and communication, you can fill this summer with lasting memories for both you and your kids. Here are some co-parenting tips to help you make this summer fun and stress-free:

Plan in advance

The key to any successful co-parenting relationship during the summer holiday is planning. You should schedule a time to sit down with your co-parent and possibly a mediator to create a plan that works for everyone’s busy schedule.

By coordinating your individual work schedules along with your child’s activities schedule in advance, you will leave little room for confusion and stressful situations later on. Having a physical, written-out schedule can help greatly here.

Avoid competition or hostility

Always remember the child comes first when planning out your co-parenting schedules. Creating hostility by trying to one-up the other person can only bring more of a rift between co-parents and even make your child feel guilty.

Share vacation plans as soon as possible

Even if you make your summer travel plans early in the year, it is important to let your co-parent know of any vacation plans as soon as you make them. Depending on whether or not you are taking your child, this allows them to plan accordingly to avoid any miscommunications later on. It often helps to exchange these types of concrete plans in writing.

Split the cost

It is always a good idea to work out your financial agreement at the beginning of the summer. Whether it be for summer camps, vacations, or any other activities your kids may participate in, it is best to split the costs down the middle if possible.

Be flexible and understanding with your time

Sudden and unexpected changes are inevitable when you are in a co-parenting situation, and your child is at a young age. So, flexibility on your part is vital to a successful co-parenting relationship. Being able to adjust to meet your child’s wants and needs during their summer holiday is key to making it an enjoyable time for everyone involved.

Always remember to bring your child or children into the conversation. Make sure your co-parenting plan is not only what works best for you but for them as well. Give your child a chance to discuss what they would like to do with their time off and be open to new experiences.

Creating a parenting plan with your ex-spouse can be emotionally charged and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with the right planning. If you both commit to taking the steps listed above, the entire family could enjoy the summer and make great new memories before school returns again in the fall.

How Invictus Law Firm Can Help 

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