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Why Do Divorces Increase After the Holidays?

Why Do Divorces Increase After The Holidays?

Thoughts of the holiday season often include joy, relaxation, and time spent with family and loved ones. But the winter holidays can also be a stressful and emotion-filled time, and some married couples don’t stay together long beyond the start of the new year. They may be at odds over finances, raising children, or infidelity, and the extra expense of the holiday season doesn’t help with divorces increase.

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Five Reasons Why Divorces Increase After the Holidays

Couples may separate for a variety of reasons, but more divorces tend to occur around the beginning of the new year, after the Thanksgiving and winter holiday season. A University of Washington study showed an increase in divorce filings directly following this period. Some of the most common factors in end-of-year divorces increase include:

  1. Holiday stress. The holiday season is supposed to be a happy and cheerful time, but it is often stressful and busy. Married couples visit relatives they rarely see during the rest of the year, and arguments with loved ones can take a toll on the relationship. Emotions run high. People spend more time indoors and more time with each other, which can sometimes be positive but can also expose problems in a relationship. Money problems are at the center of many breakups, and the increased financial pressure that the holidays bring can be the final issue that causes a relationship to end.
  2. Hanging on until after the holidays. Couples sometimes try to make their marriage work until after the holidays are over, reasoning that they’ll just get through this year and maybe things will get better. Or they may decide to wait because they want to make a fresh start in the new year. If they have children, they may try to give their kids one more Christmas together as a family.

A divorce proceeding is a complex legal process and sometimes requires reworking one’s financial arrangements. People often decide to delay the additional workload until they can devote more time and energy to it.

  1. New year, new life. People often look to a new year as a time to make a major change in their life. Divorce can involve changing living arrangements, moving to a new city, and starting new relationships. The new year offers an opportunity to completely revamp one’s lifestyle.
  2. Privacy and family concerns. Couples often visit family over the holidays, and a major change such as a divorce would upend everyone’s holiday plans. Extended family may put additional pressure on a couple to stay together. The need for privacy is also a factor. People don’t want their private relationships to be the topic of conversation at an annual family gathering and figure they’ll put off the split until after they get home.
  3. End-of-year deadlines. Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements may contain financial incentives for making a break before or after a certain number of years have passed.

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